A 13 chakra system for the 3rd millenium human

Welcome to Jeremy Calbert's dedicated to the description of the 13 chakras system of the human body.


Forever human beings have been focusing on a 7 rays reality /dimension (7 musical notes, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 days of the week, 7 Platonic solids, 7 basic needs, etc ...), but consciousness is rapidly changing since 2012 so that we can now focus on a new world that requires a more expanded consciousness.

For long I had the intuition that a different system existed but I could never find sufficient, consistent and if possible non-contradictory informations about it. Therefore began for me a real search for meaning. After years of personal research, I am now able to expose concrete and clear informations, proven over time.

It should be noted that this system is actually one that I feel in my light body, and it is possible that other people may have other configurations of their extended chakra system. The 7 chakras are always located at the physical body but the off-body chakras depend on the light body of invidius (and thus their dominant stellar origin).

Through sacred geometry, intuition, sound, bio-energy and associations of ideas I found a lot of informations. I will describe this "new" 13 chakra system  as I see it, without detours and with the greatest possible simplicity in explanation.


I hope that this knowledge serves all those who have a real desire to learn and evolve. I will remain open to criticism and questions, in order to always learn and understand more.

I recall that the practice of this knowledge development is essential for proper assimilation of the system.

Finally, I invite everyone to experience any new information through your feelings and your critical mind. For I do not wish under any circumstances to impose an idea, a thought, or information to anyone without a belief that they have been verified by yourself.


I chosse this particulary place to thank every persons present in my life and for their support, and I recognize the true wisdom present within me and within each one of us. NAMASTE.


Through love and service

Jeremy, 08/2015.

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NB: This website and associated researches were carried out between 17/04/2014 and 08/08/2015 by Jérémy Calbert (published online since 01.08.2015).

The references and informations from other sources will be mentioned as often as possible in details so that the reader can verify the source of the information by himself.

The images and designs products are and will remain free of copyright because this knowledge must be accessible to all and not be a source of profit.

I thank those who have helped me to develop and uncover some "hidden" symbols in my drawings.

Also please excuse the graphics quality of some drawings. Not being myself at all graphic designer, I create with the "shoestring", thank you for your understanding.



A ratio....

I have the feeling, without any proof at this moment, that chakra systems are related to our different light bodies

Our light body may be active in full potential, but we may also evolve at different degrees depending on a choice made about witch light body would be used. It may be the tetrathedric star (or star of David), the dodecahedron or the octaherdon, for example. To each light body correspond a level of conscioucness, a shape, a dimension and a particular chakra system!


I personnally believe that the system that I describe in these pages is the one corresponding to a pyramid shape (in fact the octahedron). I have the feeling that this one is well known on Sirius, and also by Acturians and Andromedians...


Each one of you will find affinities depending of his own level of consciousness, and his interstellar origin... 


Sites sacres kepler

Solar system model: Kepler. With platonic solids. From the Mysterium Cosmographicum (1596)



Rapport de formes

Solids and ratios - Drunvalo Mechizedek (the ancient secret of the flower of life, vol.1)


It is very important to understand that the different chakra systems known for the moment are not contradictory but complementary most of the time. And that "there are worlds within worlds"... each one with its own consciousness and shape....